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Thank you for visiting This site is dedicated to providing helpful, thorough information about different kinds of recreational options across the country. While this site was once the home of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s recreational sports department, it is now a more general site meant to provide information about recreational programs nationwide. There are a number of such programs available, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine which is best for your specific interests and purposes. aims to help you through this process by explaining the benefits and drawbacks of all different kinds of recreational programs.

Recreational sports and programs range widely. Programs exist which are centered around traditional team sports such as football and basketball, individual sports such as tennis and racquetball, as well as outdoor sports such as river rafting and marathon running. Obviously, the program that works best for you will depend on what you want to accomplish, how much time you have, and how much you are looking to spend.

Some people might simply want a nearby recreational program that will give them a scheduled opportunity to exercise and work out. Such programs are widely available on university campuses and in public gyms across the country. An official program like this, when contrasted with your own self-motivated workout routine, provides the benefit of a schedule, as well as knowledgeable advice from trainers and other group members. 

If you are a student, this can be a great way to enter into a new community, while staying in good shape. As any college student can attest, working and studying can be pretty demanding. Exercising will help relieve stress and keep you in good shape. An organized program will also give you the opportunity to meet others.

The facilities and programs available will vary from school to school. Obviously, not all facilities will be equipped for river rafting, for example. However, this kind of class often takes place in the lanes of a pool, so if your school has a swim team, you might be surprised. The planners that organized the programs at Wisconsin-La Crosse, for example, were dedicated to providing modern facilities and a comfortable environment for all kinds of different sports.

Some examples of recreational programs available at most universities include intramurals, fitness programs and instructional programs. Intramurals are meant to provide organized tournaments of play for anyone who has the time to enroll and commit to the team. Often these teams will be organized by major or school (for example, a soccer team of English graduate students). This can be a great way to get some exercise and meet others.

Fitness and instructional programs allow you to learn the nuances of exercise equipment, and get a better sense of what the best workout for your particular needs might be. These are sometimes as basic as helping you improve your endurance as a runner, and other times teach you technique in anything from weight lifting to rock climbing.

In most modern lifestyles it is easy to succumb to unhealthy habits. For students, this might mean sitting in front of a computer all day and getting only very minimal exercise. For workers, it might mean working long hours and eating a diet mostly consisting of fast food. Recreational programs help give you an outlet wherein you can shake these bad habits, and have fun and improve your skills in a sport as well. If traditional sports aren’t your thing, you can find more information about alternative sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking at and

There are a wide variety of recreational programs available across the country for students and citizens of all backgrounds. aims to provide information about these programs, and not just within the state of Wisconsin. Thanks for visiting the site, and please check back often as the information is regularly updated.





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